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Frequently Asked Q's

What is a Bib?
A race bib is a number tied to your timing chip and your registration info, attach to shirt race day.

What is Packet Pick-Up
This is where you pick-up your Race Bib, Timing Chip, and t-Shirt – and all other goodies. We have organized a Sports & Fitness Show just for you that include Packet Pick-Up

When is Packet Pick-Up?
June 13th & June 14th at the VUM Active Expo

Can I pick up my Packet on Race Day?
No. All packets must be picked up on either Friday or Saturday at the Race Expo. This excludes Freedom 5K

Can someone else pick up my Packet?
Yes. Please have a copy of your drivers license and a signed waiver or a written consent from them.

Is there a Bag Check?
Yes. We have a place for you can store your keys, phone, bags, gear and other stuff while you run. Located in Esther Short Park behind the Main Stage

Do I have to Train for a Marathon?
We suggest that you should. .. . a Marathon is different than any other race you have t done. Connect with our running community. There are many great groups in the Vancouver/Portland area – Run Oregon, Get Fit Live Fit, Foot Traffic University, Red Lizards, Vancouver Fit, Max Muscle, and other others.

Who should I contact if I want to run a Marathon for the First Time?
Foot Traffic University

Is VUM a Boston qualifier?
Of course! Our course is certified and a Boston Marathon qualifier.

How far is Esther Short Park from?
  • Portland Airport: 12 miles (approx 15 minutes)
  • Downtown Portland – 10 miles (approx 12 minutes)
  • Salmon Creek Area – 5 miles (approx 9 minutes)
  • Camas, WA – 17 miles (approx 19 minutes)
  • Long View – 30 miles (approx 40 minutes)
  • Seattle, WA – 137 miles (approx 2.5 hrs)
  • Salem, OR – 55 miles (approx 1 hr 10 min)
  • Eugene OR – 119 miles (approx 2 hour 15 minutes)

What’s the closest Hotel to the race?
The Vancouver Hilton is on the same block as the starting line

Are there other Hotels around the area?
VUM accommodations


Constant changes make things difficult for ordering, and of course timing. Please be courteous to our team and other participants.

May 12, 2014: Last Day to Register to have your first name printed on the Bib
  • In order to have your first name printed on your race bib, you must be registered before May 12th.
  • All registrations or changes made regarding the participant who will be running, received after May 1st will not have a printed name labeled on their personal bib

May 12, 2014: Last Day to Change Race
  • Race changes affect the printing of race bibs and the ordering of timing chips. We request your advance notice of any changes needing to be made.
  • In order to change your race fee free, we must receive your request to do so by May 12th by emailing
  • After May 12th, all changes will be processed at the VUM Active Expo.
  • Please remember that changes made after this date, the new bib issued at the expo will NOT have your name on them

Email if there are any changes you need to make.

Expo Change Fee $15 + WA State Tax
  • Changes to down-grade or up-grade can be made
  • Moving Up :: Half Marathon to Full Marathon = the difference of the original registration paid price and the Expo Day of Race Registration Price.
  • Moving Down :: Full to Half Marathon = $15 Service Fee + WA state sales tax.
  • There are variable costs and staff time to switch for all logisitics. Thank you for understanding (make your changes before the Expo)


per signed waiver

Under special circumstances we'll accept changes, refunds or credits.

All decisions are case by case scenario and decided by our Vancouver USA Marathon Committee. Documentation may be required for each situation.